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Web Business Hub creates sophisticated Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps from Web Business Hub

The Market is going Mobile!

To compete, you’ll need an “App”. It will:

  • Increase your Web Traffic
  • Increase your Foot Traffic
  • Improve your Local Profile
  • Increase your Popularity
  • Increase your Revenues

“When you start off trying to solve a problem, the first solutions you come up with are very complex, and most people stop there. But if you keep going, and live with the problem and peel more layers of the onion off, you can often times arrive at some very elegant and simple solutions.” – Steve Jobs (2006)

Most business owners realise that mobile marketing is where they need to be – not only to compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace, but to thrive!

The problem is most business owners don’t know how to profit from the technology – or, they assume a mobile app is going to cost thousands of pounds.

In either case, as Steve Jobs said in the quote above, “most people stop there.”

You can do this! You can do this right NOW! You can do this right here!

Before we began building mobile apps for businesses like yours, we took the time to think outside the box and like Steve Jobs “peeled off more layers of the onion.”

And by doing this, we’ve created a development platform that builds apps (iPhone, iPad, Android & HTML5) quickly, is extremely user-friendly, and most importantly, is extremely affordable. All Mobile App Formats (iPhone, iPad, Android and HTML5) from Web Business Hub

Some of our Mobile App Features…

GPS Directions

Give your customers turn-by-turn GPS directions, from anywhere in the world, directly to your door.

Mobile Apps GPS directions from Web Business Hub

Viral Buzz

Get them talking about you FAST, using our built-in sharing capabilities with Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail.

Mobile Apps Viral Buzz from Web Business Hub

Events Calendar

Provide up-to-date information about all of your business events and special offers by creating an events calendar.

Mobile Apps Events Calendar from Web Business Hub

Push Notifications

Send instant messages whenever you wish. 4% – 10% of e-mails get opened — 97% of “PUSH” notifications get read. It’s a “no-brainer”!

Mobile Apps Push Notifications from Web Business Hub

App Analytics

Track your daily, weekly, and monthly app downloads with our powerful, built-in analytics feature.

Mobile Apps App Analytics from Web Business Hub

Brand Loyalty

Encourage repeat business by offering customers special discounts and coupons through your app. Offers can be “unlocked” based on your criteria.

Mobile Apps Brand Loyalty from Web Business Hub

Are you ready to be “wowed?” Let’s get the process started now.

We have the technology and we have the resources to create stunning Mobile Apps for your business. For a “cheap as chips” solution you can use our platform to build your own app.

In either case, whether you DIY it or we build it for you, YOU take control through your own, password protected, App Management Console. You can manage your app, modify it, update it and retain complete control OR, with your permission, we can do this for you.

So why not “seize the moment” and contact us. We can quickly “mock up” your own unique app and show you how this will bring customers to your door.

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