More on Going Mobile …

Google conducted market research on what they call “the Mobile Movement”. They precis their results in this You Tube video, which they have released for our benefit. Please take a look – it’s only 3 minutes long. This is telling businesses to “go mobile” or go bust …

Mobile Apps

Web Business Hub creates sophisticated Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps from Web Business Hub

The Market is going Mobile!

To compete, you’ll need an “App”. It will:

  • Increase your Web Traffic
  • Increase your Foot Traffic
  • Improve your Local Profile
  • Increase your Popularity
  • Increase your Revenues

“When you start off trying to solve a problem, the first solutions you come up with are very complex, and most people stop there. But if you keep going, and live with the problem and peel more layers of the onion off, you can often times arrive at some very elegant and simple solutions.” – Steve Jobs (2006)

Most business owners realise that mobile marketing is where they need to be – not only to compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace, but to thrive!

The problem is most business owners don’t know how to profit from the technology – or, they assume a mobile app is going to cost thousands of pounds.

In either case, as Steve Jobs said in the quote above, “most people stop there.”

You can do this! You can do this right NOW! You can do this right here!

Getting British Business Online

Web Business Hub partners with Google

Getting British Business Online We have partnered with Google’s Getting British Business Online initiative.

When are the best things in business free? When it’s a free website that reaches new customers while you’re working hard to build your business.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be in lots of different places at once? Well, with a website you can.

While you’re occupied with stocks and suppliers, new customers can still find your company, view your products, email you, and place orders through your site.

To help small businesses enjoy all these benefits, we’ve joined a new campaign called “Getting British Business Online” to offer you a free professional business website. All you need to do is provide a few basic details about your business, such as your address and a quick description of what you do. Then the easy-to-use “website wizard” does the rest.

A book about SEO for Business Owners

SEO for Business Owners

We’ve published a book about Internet Marketing for Business. It is now available through Amazon. Hopefully there will be a Kindle edition as well. The book is called “The Business Owner’s Guide to Local Internet Marketing” and subtitled “Your Customers Are Looking For You Online… Can They Find You?” It has a strange roof-top shot of Nottingham on the cover. The Business Owner's Guide to Local Internet Marketing by Ian Tyler

Anyway it’s not about what it looks like: The first paragraph is: “If you are the owner of a local business, you are probably suffering from a drop in demand … statistics show that small local businesses are making 30% to 50% less than they were just a few years ago.” And ends with: “Get started now on your online marketing plan to allow your business to compete effectively in the new “online” age. There is no time to waste. If you don’t do this, your competitors will.”

Click here to take a look at the book on Amazon UK

Keyword Research

DIY Keyword Research? Why not?

It is extremely important to choose the right keywords for your web site. Your entire online success or failure depends on this choice. However it is well nigh impossible to do this research without good tools. If you want to do your own research there are two excellent FREE tools:
    • The Google External Keyword Tool
    • SEOQuake browser plugin
    Keyword Research

    The Google Keyword Tool works best if you have a Google account otherwise there are certain limitations put on what you are allowed to do. The SEOQuake plugin is available on the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera. Tough if you’re wedded to Internet Explorer! If you haven’t tried Chrome yet, you probably should. It is supplied free by Google and seems to work far quicker than any of the other browsers.

    Choosing a keyword is not rocket science but it can be difficult…

    Search Engine Marketing

    Web Business Hub does Search Engine Marketing

    Specialists in Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) increases your website’s visibility on the Internet through two main angles of attack:
      • SEO for “organic” listing on the SERPs
      • Advertising for “paid placement” on the SERPs

      Often SEM is considered synonymous with PPC marketing but it is infact the combination of SEO, PPC and all the other paid marketing oportunities such as PPV.

      At Web Business Hub we can manage Google Adwords PPC campaigns for you but we always stress the importance of optimizing your website for the organic, FREE search results…

      Introducing WB Hub – Web Business Hub

      Specialists in Search Engine Optimization:

      Specialists in Search Engine Optimization
        • Keyword analysis
        • Competitor analysis
        • On page optimization
        • Off page optimization
        • Quality link building
        • Article writing and submission

        The core of our offer is our Website Visibility service. Most business owners who come to already have a website of their own. Often it is beautifully designed and may have cost a small fortune. However the customers, leads or prospects are not coming in.

        What we offer is a detailed look at your website and help and advice on how you can get more of the right people to visit it. Website Visibility is a way of describing the process of Search Engine Management (SEM). And this process involves getting your site to appear on the first page of Google …